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      Where is it

      You will notice I mention custom.css in quite a few of the Invision Tutorials. If you are unsure where this is then go to AdminCP >> themes On far right click the first icon ( </> ) Then click the CSS tab Click custom.css Always add any css into custom.css
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      Why is there a custom.css

      The reason there is a custom.css is for you to add your own css which will overwrite the default css that is within any theme Then whenever IPS release upgrades then everything will get upgraded and leave your css in the custom.css alone If you make changes to any other css file or any template then those files WILL NOT get upgraded without you 'reverting' back to original then re-adding your changes Soas you can see makes life a lot easier in the long run. You can add further css files if you wish but that would be another tutorial at later date
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