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When is a sale not a sale

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Yep, you read correctly 'When is a sale not a sale'

Answer to that is when they increase the price on sale day claiming it was £xxx before the sale and then adding the sale discount to make it seem like a sale when in fact the price is almost same as before the sale

I hate companies that do that and should be named and shamed and am starting off with:


I know for a fact this is true as was looking at purchasing RLK8-410B4 and was priced at £420 before the sale (I have email informing me of sale starting on 17th Dec and get 15% discount)

So £420 - 15% comes to £63 off making total of £357

Their website states 20% discount and price is £409.99

To cap it all ... they have been out of stock for over a week

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