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On Board Remastered

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9a70cbec7c2ffb32d4cbb8de43b63518.jpeg As it currently stands our new release "On Board Remastered" has the following features: Challenge Level: An infinite level were players can test their skills and accumulate points to be used to unlock new boats and place their name on the "High Score" board of the game. New Sound Track: A new soundtrack for the game has been selected that aims to capture the sense of adventure and action in the game. Brand New Ship: A brand new ship selection to be unlocked and played as the player unlocks the game.A total of 6 ships to be unlocked. We hope these new changes in the new game of the series enhances gaming experience to the player. It is to be noted that we plan to improve on the aspect of these series as we keep on developing and releasing games. NB: Anyone interested in giving us ideas how to improve our game please fill out our On Board Remembered survey.

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