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Process Lasso Pro 9

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97cc83463896086229d3d855fe0fda27.png Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It instead contains a fleet of algorithms designed to dynamically boost the performance of your PC and retain responsiveness during high loads. Among them is our famous ProBalance algorithm, which temporarily reduces the priority of troublesome background processes in order to improve PC responsiveness, as shown in real-world and synthetic tests. Then there is the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan, which is tuned to give you maximum performance when you need it, and IdleSaver to drop you down to a more conservative power plan when you walk away. Further, the user can automate all kinds of system settings with rules and persistent process priorities, CPU affinities, etc... This is the real deal, make no mistake! It is intended for power-users, but even average users can use it by simply installing it. No further configuration necessary in most cases! Visit https://bitsum.com for more info. What’s New:
  • Improved support for high-core-count CPUs;
  • Reliability and performance improvements;
  • Assortment of cosmetic and usability improvements.

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