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Add icon in Side Block title using css

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Here will show you how to add FontAwsome icon into the sideblock title using css

So that we go from this:


To this:


As you can see in this example we are using the Forum Statistics and Blog Statistics in the side blocks (it can be any block and doesn't have to be in the side column as long as you know the block title)

Need to go into AdminCP >> customizations >> themes >> far right of your theme name click the Edit HTML/CSS button >> CSS tab >> custom.css

Then we add the following:

[data-blocktitle] h3:before {
  font-family: FontAwesome;
  padding-right: 10px;

[data-blocktitle="Forum Statistics"] h3:before {
  content: "\f1fe";

[data-blocktitle="Blog Statistics"] h3:before {
  content: "\f201";

The first part is saying use FontAwesome and give a padding for all the blocktitles

The other two parts are saying which FontAwesome image to use and for which block title (you can use your own of course ... more found at FontAwesome website)

Once added yours then click the Save button and go back to browser and refresh page and should end up with similar to my 2nd screenie

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