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Jack's Gang

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c7e3ae4dbf97f5e23c56b09024dc65d3.jpeg Hi everybody, this is Jack, from Jack's Gang. I'll talk a little about this thing ... Here you have to fight against the members of an evil gang, get the trash you find through sidewalk and throw in the bin, paint the name of our gang on the walls, doors and explore the city in the way you want... it's hard work. But, I'll tell you why: What happened was this ... Some guys from Roger's Gang stolen my money, and you know, I need this money to buy some great things. And not only that, these guys think they own the city, they're all over part dominating territories painting the name of their gang on the walls, throwing garbages on the sidewalk and try to steal who passes by them. So I can not leave as is, I have to do a "cleaning" in this city, I will show who has the coolest gang in town and try to get my money back. But, I have to be careful when the cops are around because one of the rules here is: 'Do not paint objects or fight when the cops are around'. I hope you'll help me on this, come join my gang. Explore the areas of the city in the order you want. Fight against multiple enemies. Collect bottles of paint and use them to paint the gang's name on walls and doors. Clean the city by throwing the trash in the bin. Try to find out where Roger hid himself with his money. Avoid fighting or painting objects when the police are around. Signed: Jack from Jack's Gang

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