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Fiery catacombs

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4487c948d2cda4cbc5b2253eca204ec8.jpeg Fiery Catacoms is a platformer and adventure in which the main character fell into theancient catacombs and now he needs to find a way out of them. To stay alive, the player will need to avoid numerous traps and solve difficult puzzles in ancient catacombs. On the way, you can grab various treasures of an ancient tribe, but this is not necessary. To find a way out of the catacombs, the player will need logic, reaction and a good memory. You do not know what the next step will bring you, each next step may be a surprise !!There are blocks in the catacombs, if you step on them, a secret will open or a trap will work. It’s better not to step on blocks with traps, remember them and in the next attempt to jump over this block. Various mechanical guards guard treasures, a meeting with them is undesirable. Some of them can be jumped over, some can be blocked using a block. Be alert, then you will reach the exit ! ● 20 levels in each of which its own traps and secrets ● collecting treasures, some of them are hidden ● solving various tangled puzzles ● atmosphere of ancient catacombs

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