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  1. Not of cares, you made a great job(work) of beautiful theme heights of good thing for the continuation(suite) and for the pleasure to take a theme at your home(with you)
  2. Good evening thank you the it is sorry great still about the disturbance.
  3. Hello yes there it is good but in case of error on a field we do not see any more writings Thus know if we can modified the color of writing of white in red or blue or to keep(guard) fields in black. If the user makes an error he cannot any more even the filled fields
  4. Hello thank you for the answer https://www.entraide-solidaire.fr/register/
  5. Hello it is still me lol I would want to know if he(it) are possible of modified the clear color? When joins that there is an error fields text are more visible thank you
  6. Thank you it is good
  7. Hello thank you for the answer yes that's it for the module F/B the other one and in ips. I makes you a mp Édite Thank you it is good
  8. bonjour, merci http://www.entraide-solidaire.fr/forums/
  9. Hello I would want to know if we can modified the color of texts follow. Even image thank you
  10. Here is it is settled thank you again for the help and your work on theme are great. In the pleasure.
  11. Hello, saddened I speak not Englishman(English people) and the translator shit in translation lol I looks for the mp thanks to you
  12. Good evening thank you for the answer but I do not find it in the waiter if I give you a temporary access can dedicates to make me the manipulation? Thank you
  13. Hello thank you for your theme he are great. I would just like to remove the orange color of the flying over the forums, even embellish with images thank you