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  1. Vidmore DVD Creator is an easy-to-use DVD & Blu-ray burning tool for Windows that lets you create DVD or Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file from almost any video file with original quality, like MP4 to DVD, M2TS to DVD, AVI to DVD, and more. This empowered DVD burner provides a number of free templates to personalize your DVD menu. What’s more, you can easily insert chapters to long video manually and automatically. As a professional DVD/Blu-ray making program, it also comes with a built-in player that offers a real-time preview to ensure that the DVD/Blu-ray playback would look just as good as the original video, and a built-in editor that allows you to edit the imported videos on the go. You can trim/crop a video, add special video effects, rotate or flip the video, add subtitle or watermark, and more to create your masterpiece. Special Offer: 40% Discount for Vidmore DVD Creator (Lifetime/3 PCs)View the full article
  2. The Legend of the Fallen Castle 2 - sequel to the exciting adventures of the knight Astolphus in the Fallen Castle. After the triumphant victory over the Dark Wizard, a new evil has appeared that looms over the castle - Darkness. The whole world is at stake, not just the knight's life, so you need to eliminate the Lord of Darkness immediately. Waiting for you:- new 8 locations that have become even darker and more complex; - new abilities of the hero and pumping (cat hook, freezing and fire staves, ghostly double); - 3 mini-bosses; - The main boss - Lord of Darkness.View the full article
  3. Tag or the game of 15 is a well-known game from the puzzle series. The number 15 in the name of the game comes from the number of pictures enclosed in the box. In total, there are 16 cells in the box, one of which is not occupied by the picture. The size of the box is 4x4. The player can move the pictures in the box due to the free cell. The goal of the game is to collect pictures so that the main photo card is located on the right, using as few moves as possible. The game is considered completed as soon as the goal is reached.View the full article
  4. Cares for your health while you use PC! Key features: Flexible break settings; Professional stretch demos; Breaks compliance statistics. Please note: 1 Year Single License (1 PC) is included in this version. Click here to get a VERY BIG discount for other advanced licenses on the promotion day! View the full article
  5. Leawo Music Recorder is the best audio recording software ever for music lovers to record any audio and music on Windows OS. It can act as streaming audio recorder to record Mic audio and other built-in input audio stream. Meanwhile, it can also perform as a computer audio recorder to record computer audio files in the local music library. What’s more, it is also an online audio recorder that can record audio of various online music sources like Spotify, AOL Music, Last.fm, etc. As professional music recording software, its built-in recording Task Scheduler allows music lovers to record music via preset starting time and duration. Key features: Records audio and music from computer audio and online music sources like AOL Music, Last.fm, etc.; Records Mic or other built-in input audio stream like Realtek High Definition Audio, Realtek Digital Input, etc.; Record music with Task Scheduler to preset recording start time and duration; Automatically add song album cover and other song tags like artist and song name; Automatically split/filter songs upon preset time duration; Manage recorded music files and edit recorded files freely; Apply recorded music files to iTunes music library with one click. View the full article
  6. Racoon lives in a forest with his friends. He had a happy and a joyful life, until in the mountains appeared a portal.From the portal came out some strange creatures he never saw before. They are orcs.Your mission is to protect the forest and your friends from invaders.Join this platformer game with a lot of levels, forest and mountains.Every level it's unique with it's sounds wich corespond to the landscape.An adventure waits fot you with a lot of fun and emotions.Don't forget only you can win the orcs and close the portal. Version 3: * Fixed Errors * New Animations * Fixed Enemy ....View the full article
  7. Tipard DVD Cloner has the ability to copy and clone DVD disc to DVD disc, such as DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-5. Besides, it allows you to backup DVD disc to local computer as DVD folder or ISO files. Meanwhile, it can also copy local DVD folder or ISO files to your DVD disc. What's more, this DVD Backup software has three copy modes for you to select, like Customize, Full Mode and Main Movie. You can choose whatever you like and you can copy any parts in the DVD according to your own requirements. Key functions and features: 1. Copy DVD-5 to DVD-5, copy DVD-9 to DVD-9 or compress DVD-9 to DVD-5. 2. Available DVD Copy mode: Full Copy, Main Movie and Customize. 3. Copy DVD disc to DVD folder, ISO image file or another disc according to your need. 4. Copy local DVD folder or ISO image file to your DVD disc fast and losslessly. Tipard provides 50% off coupon code: TIPAGOTD (apply to recommended products and other products) for all GOTD users. View the full article
  8. Win one of the 20 licenses for Steganos Safe 22! Confidential documents, business records and TAN lists all belong in a safe place. Steganos Safe 22 is a digital vault that protects everything you don’t want anyone else to see. The clearly structured new user interface ensures that this highly professional security software package is intuitive and very easy to use.View the full article
  9. AnyMP4 Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use audio recording program for computer. It records system sound from computer to save music from SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, and more for offline loop playback. Moreover, it can record your voice via microphone to create a narration for your presentation. Both the system sound and microphone audio recording are controlled separately. You can record either of them or both as you like. Key functions and features: 1. Record any audio on computer including live streaming music, web audio meetings, podcasts, and so on. 2. Record audio from computer system sound and microphone separately. 3. Record audio as long as your hard drive is running up. 4. Clip audio recording to save the part you want. 5. Save audio recording as MP3, WMA, AAC, and M4A. Only for Giveaway of the Day users, AnyMP4 specially provides a 50% off coupon: ANYGOTD (can be applied to all AnyMP4 software) View the full article
  10. "With your trusty shank and die hard will to survive, you've successfully broken out of your Prison Cell. How many other prisoners can you set free on your way to Freedom? Take down as many Guards as possible while avoiding traps and hazards along the way! From Knives, to Guns, and Mines to Bombs!" Do you love having the bragging rights to a game over your friends? How about over an entire community?? Well then, look no further. Freedom Fighter has multiple leader-boards, to dub the Best of the Best, the title of "Steam King". Do you have what it takes to become one of the Steam Kings of Freedom Fighter!? Find out today! - Very tight controls (Keyboard/controller) - Classic retro pixel graphics - Easy to play Hard to master - Steam Achievements - Steam Stats - Multiple Steam Leader-boards View the full article
  11. KCleaner is designed to be the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the resources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies. Features: Detects and cleans temporary and useless files (cache, unused setup files...) - Automatic mode working in background - Secured file deletion method - Expert mode : let users control any file deletion done by KCleaner - No nag screen - Automatic update within the current branch (3.6.x) - Premium tech supportView the full article
  12. Exclusive offer from Giveaway of the Day and ToomkyGames! No third-party advertising and browser add-ons! In this magic kingdom you can choose a road to go: adventure, puzzle or action. All three ways are different, yet equally challenging. First, the game may seem simple to you, but as you proceed from one level or stage to another you have to contrive intricate ways of handling the situation. 70 levels of the game are very dissimilar to each other.View the full article
  13. This program was created to make playing music on a computer more intuitive and affordable for anyone who wants to make music. It offers the most natural way to make music by simply using your touch screen or your hand in front of the web cam. If you don’t have these you can also use your mouse. Creating your favorite instrument is also very easy: you need a couple of seconds of the sound that your instrument will make and import it as a WAV file. It will be converted into instrument and you can still adjust the individual frequencies of your instrument. It also has the option to record your performance into a WAV file.View the full article
  14. Exclusive offer from Giveaway of the Day and MyPlayCity! No third-party advertising and browser add-ons! When Catherine receives word of an attack on the Magic Academy, she sets out to save her school from a fate worse than foreclosure! Join her as she learns about The Illusionist, a wizard that's changed the appearance of countless objects around the world and is gathering an unstoppable army. To defeat her nemesis, Catherine will have to figure out ways to switch back and forth between reality and deception to solve puzzles in Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions!View the full article
  15. DoYourClone for Windows is one of the best disk cloning software which is able to help you clone any type of hard drive from one location to another. It is safe, powerful and easy-to-use. Upgrade Disk Upgrade your computer hard drive to a high-performance SSD or a larger disk drive. Clone Data Clone your hard drive, files, applications or OS to another HDD, SSD or external storage device. Back up Files Make a full backup of your important files such as photos, documents, videos, emails etc. Migrate Data Quickly migrate your database from one computer to another device or computer without data loss.View the full article
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