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  1. A neat and simple tool that helps extract Kindle books from the Kindle Cloud Reader, and then convert Kindle Cloud Reader to common ePub/Mobi/AZW3. Functions and Features: Requierements: Use Chrome to visit the Kindle Cloud Reader, Ensure Offline Reading, Download & Pin book. Remove DRM from Kindle Cloud Reader directly, no need to install Kindle desktop app or use Kindle e-ink device. The easiest way to remove kindle DRM and convert kindle eBooks. Please note: This giveaway includes a 1-year license for Windows version. But here you can get Epubor KCR Converter for Mac with 20% OFF ($23.98 instead of $29.98, lifetime license).View the full article
  2. Exclusive offer from Giveaway of the Day and MyPlayCity! No third-party advertising and browser add-ons! Slip on your overalls, grab your seed bag, and round up your four-legged friends for more frenzied fun as you rebuild your farm in the wake of a hurricane! With dozens of exciting levels, vivid art and animation, and bonus features galore, Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season is going to blow you away!View the full article
  3. ThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter is a professional converter for video file to HTML5 conversion. The output supports all major web browsers: IE, Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, Opera, and can be viewed in iPad, iPhone. ThunderSoft Studio provides Special Price (50% discount) for GAOTD users to get lifetime license of ThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter and many other software.View the full article
  4. Do you want to extend the life of an old PC or make your new one even faster? Is using the Start menu chaotic and not very snappy due to the numerous built-in apps? Does telemetry undermine your privacy? Thanks to OneClick! Optimizer all this and more will no longer be a problem. With a single application and a single click you can in fact optimize every single Windows 10 setting making it better in every way: speed, stability, usability, and security. Finally, through the exclusive profiles, you will have the ability to configure the system in an even more attractive way, satisfying your every need. Click here to know the system optimizations made by OneClick! Optimizer! Special Offer for 48h: OneClick! Optimizer is available in two different versions: Standard and Pro. The last one supports the Expert Mode, which allows the use of the custom profiles created by Seizent. Only for 48 hours, Seizent will offer GOTD readers the opportunity to buy the Pro version for only $3.99 (1 year license). You can use "GOTD48H" coupon code here to obtain your Pro upgrade now. In addition, there will be chosen 3 winners among the users who have purchased a OneClick! Optimizer Pro license. Each one will receive an exclusive optimization profile, customized according to their needs by Seizent for free! The winners will be able to ask Seizent for any type of settings and customization for Windows 10 personalized profile.View the full article
  5. Jet Screenshot is a screen capture service enabling you to share screenshots online in seconds. Take a screenshot, edit and send it to the web, and immediately provide anyone with a link to the image. It is a perfect solution for specialists working remotely: programmers, designers, QA testers, bloggers, technical assistance specialists, sales managers etc. Jet Screenshot helps make online communication easier by using images and it does it in a quick and convenient manner. You press PrintScr and select the screen area that you want to show to the other party. Add visual markers and click "Share in Web". Jet Screenshot turns the image into a URL that is automatically copied to the clipboard. All you need to do now is to press Ctrl+V to send the URL to the person you are chatting or exchanging emails with. Jet Screenshot does not require any third-party tools on either end of the line. The other person just has to click the link you sent them.View the full article
  6. Last Shot - A fast platformer shooter where you can pick up bonuses for speed or jumping, smash boxes with weapons, blow up enemies with your own bombs, many beautiful levels and the final boss, which will leave you no chance and make players nervous and build tactics against the last test . Game Features: - Hardcore gameplay - Pixel-Art - the BossView the full article
  7. Outdated software may leave some risks to your PC. It’s better to keep all software up-to-date. With 180% larger software database, IObit Software Updater can automatically scan and update your software in scheduled time without bothering you, and you just need to list your software in the "Auto-Update List". Having no idea which software is the right one or bothering to install your needed software one by one on websites? IObit Software Updater gives you the best solution by recommending trustworthy and popular programs for you to install from within this software. All these programs have been already well classified according to their functions, so you can select and install your needed ones instantly and easily. Worried about the software updating process? You don't have to. To avoid a long wait during software downloading, the latest IObit Software Updater used a new algorithm to help to download 10% faster. Also, IObit Software Updater uses strict criteria to make sure you've got the clean software and not annoyed by ads or bundleware or even malware while installing software. Please note: the program updates to the Pro version upon license registration.View the full article
  8. THIS GIVEAWAY INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING 11 GAMES AND 58 DLC: Arcane PreRaise (Game) +DLC Arcane ReRaise (Game) +DLC Asset Flip Simulator (Game) +DLC Athopiu: The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate (Game) +DLC Occult PreRaise (Game) +DLC Occult Raise (Game) +DLC Occult ReRaise (Game) +DLC Glitch Simulator 2018 (Game) - Glitch Simulator: Soundtrack DLC ZAMBI 2 KIL (Game) - ZAMBI 2 KIL: MOAR ZAMBIZ DLC ISIS Simulator (Game) Triggering Simulator (Game)View the full article
  9. Story: The year is 1965 in an unknown country. After the abrupt death of David Garcia's mother a decade ago, the young boy had nothing left: no relatives and no friends. Luckily, he was quickly adopted by a rich couple and lived a life full of luxuries and peace. However, for 11 years, the only thing in David's mind was his defunct mother and their lonely past together. One morning, during his monthly visit to the graveyard where his mom rests, David meets an unknown woman who tells him what he was waiting to hear for many years: "David Garcia, do you want to meet your grandmother? Do you want to meet Remedios Garcia?" Fueled by the desire to know more about his family's past, David trusts the woman's words and travels to the town where his grandmother resides, Agapan. During four days, David ventures into the deep fog of the village with one clear goal in mind: finding his grandmother. However, the ominous fog of Agapan hides many secrets waiting to be discovered Features: - A solid 2-D narrative oriented experience taking place in Agapan, a mysterious village forgotten by time. - Meet and interact with compelling characters and discover the power of an ancient deity... Huitzi. - Create your own path throughout the narrative with many decisions to make and more than a dozen ending variations to experience. - Immerse yourself in the narrative with illustrated dialogues, full-screen illustrations, and a complete original soundtrack.View the full article
  10. BootRacer is a light-weight, easy to use and convenient tool for monitoring the Windows PC boot time and controlling over startup programs. The main approach of BootRacer is an ability to exclude a user password timeout time from the calculated total. How does BootRacer save my time and my life? BootRacer calculates the clear Windows boot-up time (without password timeout). It monitors your PC's boot time and notifies you about any speed degradation. BootRacer measures Total Time used by startup programs at every boot. You will know which programs slow down Windows boot-up. You can easily disable slow down programs from Windows startup. NB: Lifetime license with no updates and tech support, no commercial usage. View the full article
  11. Enterprise software to easily block time wasting social networks without installing any plugins or firewall. Here are the key benefits: * Block top 10 social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VK, Line & more * Blocks social networks from all the browsers & applications * No setup, no plugins, no proxy or firewall needed * Operates in stealth mode – no programs running in background * Master password to prevent others from accessing it. View the full article
  12. Win one of the 10 licenses for Ashampoo Photo Commander 16! The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is the complete solution to view, edit and organize your photos. Bring order to your collection, optimize multiple images in one go and create calendars, photo cards and entire slideshows with ease. Whether you're a beginner, novice or professional photographer, excellent results are always just a few clicks away.View the full article
  13. Loaris Trojan Remover is a powerful tool to resist various modern forms of cyber threats. The main purpose of the program is to remove malware. It will help in cases where standard anti-virus applications do not cope with the identification and correct removal of these threats. The program scans, detects and removes trojans and other malicious programs from your PC. The application has a simple, intuitive interface, the layout of which is not much different from other similar programs. Features: A quick scan of important files and a thorough scan of your entire PC. Malware removal: Trojans, worms, adware, and spyware. Deletes additional system changes that are often made by malware. Logs actions to help detect damaged objects. Protection of personal data and privacy. Contains several useful tools for restoring settings reset by malicious applications: resetting browser settings; resetting the HOSTS file; resetting Windows Update; collecting system information. View the full article
  14. Embark on a journey full of dangers, collecting ancient statues and killing other treasure hunters, make your way through the difficult levels collected by hand with a completely destructible world, wreak havoc on those who get in your way and collect as many treasures as you can carry, meeting at the end face to face with ancient evil. Live To Win - This is an adventure platformer with a completely destructible world, the complex construction of game locations that are hand-assembled and unique in structure, destroying everything in its path, you can complicate your walkthrough, or make your way to victory easier, dodge the traps hidden among grass, avoid suicides with grenades, which at the sight of a player want to blow themselves up with him, jump, kill, blow up, collect and find the path to the ancient evil that lies in the depths of these mysterious worlds. Game Features: - Hardcore Difficulty - Pleasant Pixel Art - Destructible WorldView the full article
  15. Great Alchemist is a classic 3-in-a-row puzzle game. 1346. The plague is raging in Euroba, and millions of people are dying out. Take on the role of a medieval doctor, an alchemist, and try to cure people. Conditionally, each level is a person who has fallen ill with the "Black death" the severity of the disease is also different for everyone, and the conditions for healing the patient will differ, becoming more complicated each time. Over time, you will open new tools to fight diseases, they will help a lot, but you need to keep track of time, the life of the patient hangs in the balance, delay will cost him his life. Features: -30 levels -Colorful graphics - Dark but melodic ambient - multi-level progress - free game modeView the full article
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