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Welcome to TH4U Web Resources website

We have searched the Internet to find you a superb selection of sites offering graphics, templates, scripts and more that we are sure will help you set up your own web site.

While here why not join our community where you may find help (or be able to help others).

We are continually searching the internet for sites that we feel can offer the help you require (e.g. hosting, templates, graphics, webmaster tools, javascripts, php scripts etc) and intend to continue to find sites that would benefit our visitors.

You may have come across some of the sites listed here before but hopefully not all of them and so should find something of interest to you.

This site also contains links to other sites.

Please take note of any T&C those sites may have.

If you happen to come across a site that might be of use to our members/visitors then please feel free to contact us giving the url of site and if possible the reason you feel it should be added.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.



One of the services we offer at TH4U is IPB Themes so if you are using an IPB forum etc then we offer a selection of themes for sale.

More info ...


We also offer a theme upgrading service where we can upgrade your current IPB theme to latest version of IPB.


We can add your own banner with link to advertise your website here on our website. We offer a few options for this service (e.g. position and size of your banner, length of time for your banner to appear) at very reasonable prices.


Looking for a Web Template, then check out our designs (all responsive).



Join our Community and find other tips and tricks to help you build your website or even ask questions if stuck on something.

Maybe there is someone who is stuck and requires help that you can help with.


Available for our Community are various files available for Downloading.


We have a few IPB Tutorials for IPB 4 and IPB 3 (video and non-video) that may help you if you are stuck with something.

Check out our video Section

We have added a Video Section where you can search for video's (or select from a menu) and watch them.

There are numerous video's to search for and watch, no matter what your interest there is likely to be something of interest to you (no adult related video's).

Perhaps looking for tutorials of a particular matter, maybe just remembered a song you would like to see a video of, perhaps even looking for some tv bloopers. The list is almost endless. Why not try it and see.